Success for Alexis!

27 Jan 2016

Success for Alexis!

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Success for Alexis!

Alexis spent 60 hours at The Brain Gym in the summer of 2015.


Her mother writes, “Last year when Alexis was in 8th grade, I had to drag her out of bed, give her many time reminders and push her out the door for school. Now in 9th grade, she gets herself up out of bed at 6am, gets ready for school, eats breakfast, packs a lunch and leaves for school at 6:45am without any assistance from me. Alexis struggled because she used to do things like forget her  homework, or do it but forget to hand it in, or leave it in her locker, or not follow the instructions. Now she is organized, writes everything down, studies for tests and has A’s in her honors classes. Alexis asked to be tested for the gifted program and was accepted.  She received a 97 on her gifted project. Our relationship has greatly improved because instead of me pushing her to care of her responsibilities we can talk about things that are important to her.  The Brain Gym training allowed Alexis to unlock the intelligence we knew was stuck inside of her. The girl who began ninth grade in high school had a very different attitude than the eighth grade middle schooler. Alexis chose to take all honors courses in ninth grade and she received the highest honors for a GPA of 3.8. Her fourth-quarter eighth-grade English grade was a 69 and her first quarter ninth grade Honors English grade was a 93.”


“The Brain Gym helped me to focus longer and remember my assignments by writing down what I need to do. My grades in school have improved and school has become easier and less stressful.”

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