Nicholas’ Story

29 Mar 2013

Nicholas’ Story

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I struggled all the way through elementary and high school.  In spite of loads of help, I could barely read. I desperately wanted to get good grades, so I studied hard, but I couldn’t remember the information for tests; I processed information slowly and struggled to pay attention in class.  I couldn’t remember my math facts and really had to think – even just to add 1 to a number!  Not only were my grades super low, but I felt like I was learning nothing, that I wasn’t very smart…I felt like a huge failure. I started skipping more classes than I attended, and almost didn’t graduate from high school.

I tried to go to community college, but I couldn’t pass the entrance exams in reading and math.  What kind of hope for a good future was there for a guy like me?  When I was 21-years-old, my mom found The Brain Gym and basically made me go. I had gone to other learning centers in the past and they hadn’t helped, so I thought this would be yet another failure.  I was so wrong!

The Brain Gym worked on all of my weaknesses and it wasn’t long before I began to notice a huge difference.  At last I could function as an independent adult: I began remembering driving directions, remembering phone numbers long enough to get them written down, and remembering appointments on my own.  I finally learned how to read. I mean really, really read! I can even read and listen to music at the same time now and still remember and understand what I’ve read.  I can spell well enough to use text messaging (imagine a teenager unable to text because of poor spelling—yup, that was me, but not anymore).

 Now I work in the heating and air conditioning industry because I want to, not because I feel stuck! I wish I had found The Brain Gym sooner!  Basically, my whole life has changed…I’m a completely different person!” 

– Nicholas  NJ

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