Michael’s Story

12 Aug 2014

Michael’s Story

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At 8 years old, Michael was really struggling in school. In fact, he hated to do his schoolwork. Michael was also getting into trouble for bad behavior: not following directions, inability to sit still and failing to get his work done promptly. Michael was beginning to be aware of his struggles and was unwilling to read out loud because he knew he’d make many, many mistakes. After a few months at The Brain Gym, Michael’s family is noticing a significant improvement. The boy who could not be left alone at his desk is now working independently. And, he is reading! His mother, Karen, a homeschooling mom of seven kids, is relieved.

Michael is able to do most of his work on his own. He never did that before! He used to take lots of breaks during school time and it took us up to 4 hours to complete. Now he gets it done in about an hour,” says Karen.

What’s more, Michael’s behavior has improved significantly. When given directions or tasks around the house, Michael no longer gets frustrated and gives up. Instead, he is willing to help do chores and feels so good about himself when he completes his jobs. Karen is thrilled, “Last week, Michael said that he enjoys school now. Oh, what a pleasure it is to teach someone who enjoys school! We are so thankful that we found The Brain Gym.”

– Karen ∙ Lancaster, PA

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