Karina’s Story

11 Aug 2014

Karina’s Story

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For too many years, I watched my youngest child, Karina, struggle with school. We tried hard to help Karina. Sometimes through carefully planned “homework time” and an organized work space, sometimes through discipline, sometimes through frustration and tears: hers and ours. Too often she gave up, believing the lie she secretly told herself: “I’m not smart.”

I had heard about The Brain Gym for a few years, even suggesting it to a friend whose son struggled with school. So, the training began.  It was easy at first, but the work soon became more challenging.  Karina was mentally exhausted after her Brain Gym sessions…but she was progressing. While we were warned not to expect miracles…I was waiting to see some improvement.  I kept asking Karina if she thought things were getting better, and the answer was always “I don’t know.”  But everything changed one day toward the end of her Brain Gym sessions.

She is now a high school graduate on her way to college.  She still doesn’t love school…but she isn’t afraid of it anymore either. 

My only regret is that we didn’t get her to The Brain Gym sooner.  Brain training may sound funny…but I’m telling you…it works.  When the brain works better, studying becomes much easier.  Karina is proof of that.

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