Struggling Students

Hope for Students with Learning Issues

Learning difficulties often bring tears, tension, and turmoil.
Let us find the real reason that your child is struggling in school. In six months or less, we will help to transform your frustrated student into a faster and more confident learner.

Brain Training is More Than Just Tutoring…

At The Brain Gym, our psychologists TEST for the true cause of your child’s learning struggle. We TARGET their specific issues and build a program tailored to their individual needs. Then we TRAIN their brain to think faster, smarter and more efficiently.

We work one-one-one with each student for about 5 hours per week providing intense cognitive therapy. For most of our clients, deficient cognitive skills are improved, attention and concentration are better, and reading is faster and easier. Our goal is to help to create independent learners and readers in about 6 months.

The Brain Gym’s Brain Training Program Compared to Traditional Tutoring or Learning Centers:
The Brain Gym Tutoring or Learning Centers
Nationally recognized, standardized testing: Woodcock Johnson IV Test of Cognitive Abilities and Woodcock Johnson IV Test of Achievement Skills Assessment
One-on-one attention Group sessions
Intense brain-training Re-teaching information
Learning skills trained and improved Study skills trained
Treats cause of learning struggles Treats symptoms of learning struggles
Improvement made during enrollment period is permanent Success usually lasts during enrollment period only
Long-term change guaranteed Unknown
Approximately 120 or fewer TOTAL hours spent 120 hours per year for “x” number of years. The average struggling student will need tutoring 2-3 times each week for the duration of each school year. If learning issues begin in elementary school, the student could be facing thousands of hours of tutoring!