Stop Tutoring!

For Those Who Are Chronically Struggling, Brain Training is Better Than Tutoring

If your child struggles in one subject, once in a while, then tutoring is the right choice! Tutors re-teach information learned in school, and this is appropriate for kids who have missed school or struggle with a particular concept. However, many parents are understandably frustrated because of countless hours and endless dollars spent on tutoring for a child who continues to struggle.

Brain Training is not tutoring! Tutoring re-teaches information essentially treating the symptoms of the issue, but not the cause. At The Brain Gym, we identify and address the real reason for your child’s learning issues. We get far better results in less time than tutoring. In just a few months at The Brain Gym, underlying learning skills will improve significantly, allowing the student to be a confident and independent learner who thrives in our education-driven society. We give students and their parents the skills they need to be able to achieve academic success.

The Brain Gym’s Brain Training Program Compared to Traditional Tutoring or Learning Centers:

The Brain Gym Tutoring or Learning Centers
Nationally recognized, standardized testing: Woodcock Johnson IV Test of Cognitive Abilities and Woodcock Johnson III Test of Achievement Skills Assessment
One-on-one attention Group sessions: 2-4 students at a time
Intense brain-training Academic tutoring
Learning skills trained and improved Study skills trained
Treats real cause of learning struggles Treats symptoms of learning struggles
Permanent change. Our mission is to create independent learners, and that’s just what we do. Success usually lasts during enrollment period only. Students are dependent on the help.
Long-term change guaranteed Short-term change guaranteed
120 or fewer TOTAL hours spent 120 hours per year for “x” number of years. The average struggling student will need tutoring 2-3 times each week for the duration of each school year. If learning issues begin in elementary school, the student could be facing thousands of hours of tutoring!