Poor Readers

Your child or teen CAN become a better reader

At The Brain Gym, we identify and correct the underlying learning skills that keep people from reading. Whether you are concerned about your child or seeking help for yourself, we have the answers you’re looking for.

Solve reading issues instead of just tutoring every summer

Signs of Reading Issues Due to Cognitive Skills Deficiencies:

  • Difficulty decoding (sounding out) unfamiliar words
  • Inconsistency…sometimes will read things easily, other times will struggle
  • In Title I at school, but not making progress
  • Diagnosed with Dyslexia
  • Does not read fluently; reading is choppy
  • Is pushed through grade levels because of obvious intelligence, but is still struggling to read and keep up in class
  • Leaves out letters (or puts them in the wrong place) when spelling

Does your child struggle to read? Contact us to find out how we can help 484.269.8969 or email kristen@thebraingym.net

“Our daughter now reads in the car and in restaurants because The Brain Gym has given her what she needs to enjoy reading. Thank you! Thank you!” – B.H.