How Brain Training Works

Brain training is more effective than tutoring

For many years it was thought that as we aged the connections in the brain became rigid, making IQ and thinking skills impossible to change. However, scientific breakthroughs in the late 20th century such as the fMRI (brain imaging) allow us to watch the brain working and performing various tasks and we now know that the brain can and will change!

Neuroplasticity is the scientific term for the brain’s willingness to change no matter what age you are. 

Once the weak areas of the brain are determined through our extensive testing, we train those weak areas with specifically designed exercises. With each new exercise, weak brain signals call out for help because the work load is too much for them. The neighboring cells respond to their call for help and begin receiving the signals for the new information. As more and more brain cells respond to the call for help, the brain signal becomes stronger and stronger making it easier for the person to learn the new thing. That is how brain training helps you think faster, learn to read, learn to pay attention or concentrate, and learn new things more quickly than ever before.

Science + Education = Brain Training

Thanks to the latest advancements in science and education, things are now possible that have never been possible before. All seven cognitive (thinking) skills can be strengthened, improving quality of life; grades, SAT and IQ scores; perception; abilities in athletics and the workplace.


The Brain Gym’s program offers students and their parents the skills they need to achieve academic success. This not only will make learning more enjoyable for struggling students, but will help to make them independent and confident learners for the rest of their lives.