My kid in Newtown, PA has too much homework!

Frustration With Too Much Homework

We have seen at The Brain Gym near Newtown, PA that it is no secret that many children in school experience frustration with too much homework. In today’s busy and complicated society, many times they simply do not have enough time to complete their assignments and tasks in a productive and timely manner. Stressed out students need to try to keep things in perspective. When they feel like they are falling behind, expectations placed on them can become overwhelming. Mandated statewide testing, college entrance exams and other increasing demands for higher and higher grade point averages have raised the level of stress placed of many students — especially those who might be average students. Students mature at different rates due to age, sex, heredity, etc. Therefore, too much focus may be put on state test scores and college entrance standards.

Homework Help near Newtown, PA

Frustration with too much homework: Assessment
Frustration with too much homework in school can lead to lower grades. Raising standards for students is a good thing if they are raised based on where students actually are in their stage of development. Goals should be set on a realistic past. It may be unrealistic to expect a student who has struggled in one subject to suddenly “ace” it the next semester or school year. Students who struggle in basic math, for example, should be realistic about which math classes they take next in order to progress in learning math. For the student to take a math class that may be too advanced for their abilities just because it will meet a college eligibility standard may lead to frustration and failure. The frustration with too much homework will inevitably lead to failure for that student. Students with low grades may feel that the material in some of their classes is simply too hard for them. Education should not be in the business of promoting frustration. Education should have learning as its ultimate objective.

Frustration with too much homework: What you can do
Frustration with too much homework may make the process of learning overwhelming. Learning fundamentals and skills take time and repetition. Sometimes repetition may seem boring. But it leads to more comprehension, higher test scores and better grades. A gifted student may be able to skip over the fundamentals and still achieve. An average student, however, needs them. Without repetitive fundamental work, students may not master anything they are “supposed” to be learning. Racing too fast through a curriculum simply to cover all the material is like scrimmaging a basketball or football team too early and often. Students may achieve early but will never reach their full potential.

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