Cognitive Skills Training for Children near Langhorne, PA

Cognitive Skills Training for children shows amazing results.

At The Brain Gym near Langhorne, PA we know cognitive skills training for children can be a normal part of the educational experience. You use cognitive skills every day as cognitive skills come into play for learning, decision making and processing information. And everyone would benefit from having these skills trained and strengthened. Even the most gifted students stand to gain a great deal from properly designed and delivered cognitive skills training. However, children who struggle because of weak underlying skills find that their ability to learn can be greatly enhanced by cognitive skills training. Improving the health and function of our brains with the right mental workouts means: clearer and quicker thinking; improved memory for names, numbers, directions, etc; increased alertness and awareness; elevated mood; and better concentration at work or while driving.

Cognitive training for children: It’s all about Action

Cognitive skills training for children is very crucial at early developmental stages and we have seen that this is true with our clients in Langhorne, PA. Scientists believe that babies absorb more information and connect more neurons (brain cells) through hearing new words and active learning. This involves mental stimulation with songs, toys, colors, and interaction during the first year. Love and patience is very important in helping to make this process work. Preschoolers, for example, should be taught with animation, play, entertaining games and story-telling to ignite interest. They need to have their mental faculties fed. With increased focus, their competitive spirit is aroused and their creativity is stimulated. Unfortunately, most of the time, standardized teaching does not produce the same results.

Since cognitive skills develop in the first 10 years, learning should be entertaining through stimuli, quizzes, flash cards, illustrations, touch, smell, sound, bright colors, shapes and pictures. This is how we strengthen the cognitive skills of our students at The Brain Gym in Langhorne, PA. Such techniques reinforce memory, promote data absorption, arouse interest, enhance concentration, and advance intellectual abilities much more than rote learning.

Cognitive training at The Brain Gym in Yardley, PA

Strengthen Cognitive skills in children with Brain Training

You play an important role in cognitive skills training for your children by motivating them to exercise by taking part in their activities and competitive sports. Studies show that exercise increases energy and wellbeing, reduces stress and fatigue, and encourages neurons interconnection — improving intellectual abilities. Deep breathing and therapeutic exercises show similar benefits. Doctors have found that music helps in memory tests and learning, and soothes nerves. A good night sleep makes the brain and body recover. A child’s environment should be pleasant, energizing and stimulating with bright colors (red, orange) to animate mental faculties and boost creativity. Chaos, disorder, nagging and family disputes create confusion in the child’s brain, interfering with learning.

At The Brain Gym in Langhorne, PA, we have proven methods that help your child improve their cognitive skills.

Do you think your child could benefit from brain training near Langorne, PA? The first step you should take is to get your child’s cognitive skills tested at The Brain Gym located in Bucks County, PA. Brain training for children can only be effective if we first know and understand the cause of learning weaknesses.

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