Brain Training for Children in Yardley, PA

Brain Training in Yardley, PA

Brain Training for Children in Yardley, PA shows increased performance in school.

Is brain training an effective tool for children? Yes!

In fact, studies have shown that children benefit greatly from brain training — perhaps even more than adults — because their brains are still growing. It’s just like any other kind of training you got when you were young, whether it was how to play an instrument, or how to roller skate, or how to ride a bike. Have you noticed that you can still get on a bike and ride, even if you haven’t ridden your bicycle in years? That’s because you were trained to ride when you were young, and once you developed the skills needed for successful bike-riding, you don’t lose it. It’s the same with cognitive learning skills — once they’re developed, you don’t lose them! Brain training, for children, is a chance to develop skills that will last their whole life long.

The Symptoms we see in children around Bucks County, PA
You may want to look into brain training for in the Yardley, PA area if you are seeing some of the following symptoms: trouble staying on task, making careless errors over and over, become distracted very easily, having difficulty sounding out words, problems visualizing, or creating a mental picture, forgetting instructions, having trouble understanding what they’re reading, being very slow to complete a task, or having trouble handling complex tasks. These are all symptoms that tend to appear when a child is struggling with weak cognitive skills. In Yardley, PA we recommend brain training, for children, as an excellent way to minimize, and even eliminate completely, these symptoms.

Brain training for children gets to the very root of the problem, attacking cognitive weaknesses at their source — the cognitive skills. Here is a list of the 7 major cognitive skills that, if weak, will produce learning or reading problems:

Auditory processing — This is a student’s ability to perceive, analyze and process sounds, words and sentences they hear. It is the foundation to a lifetime of reading, spelling and comprehension success.

Visual processing  — This is the tool the brain uses to accurately process visual images. It includes combining and altering images in the mind and associating images with concepts or sounds. This skill is essential for doing math, word problem solving and reading comprehension.

Memory  — This tool consists of working and long-term skills. Working memory enables children to listen to and retain facts while processing that information using other learning skills. Long-term memory stores and recalls known information quickly and accurately.

Attention — Strong attention skills help a student sustain focus on what is important, ignore distractions, and discriminate between the two. They lead to easier understanding, less distraction, and fewer behavioral issues in class.

Processing speed — This is the baseline speed at which your child receives new information, thinks about it, and then utilizes it. Even small gains in this skill produce big results. Faster processing leads to greater fluency, and overall learning improvement.

Word attack — This important reading-specific skill enables your child to quickly and accurately read and understand unfamiliar words.

Logic & Reasoning — This is the ability to draw conclusions and think in an orderly, rational manner. These skills enable your child to connect related concepts, think creatively, and solve problems effectively.


Using Brain Training for your child: The First Step
Do you think your child could benefit from brain training in Yardley, PA? The first step you should take is to get your child’s cognitive skills tested at The Brain Gym located in Bucks County, PA. Brain training for children can only be effective if we first know and understand the cause of learning weaknesses.

Give us a call today at The Brain Gym in Yardley, PA and we can answer all your questions or you can use our Contact Form and let us know how your child is struggling and we will respond promptly.