ADHD and Attention Issues


1. Sustained Attention
How long can the student focus on a non-preferred activity? We’re not talking about video games or Legos!
2. Selective Attention
How well can the student block out distractions when working on something they don’t necessarily enjoy?
3. Divided Attention
How well can the student switch between two tasks?

Attention Can Be Trained and Improved

Some children, teens, and adults have legitimate difficulty paying attention in school or at work, focusing on the task at hand, and keeping up with conversation. Additionally, they may have trouble staying organized, prioritizing & planning, keeping track of important things, and following systematic routines.

There is Hope

If you suspect your child may have ADHD, we encourage you to have him or her evaluated by a clinical psychologist. We have several in the area that we partner with and would love to recommend them to you. Gathering information is the first step!


The Brain Gym’s brain training program can be extremely effective in helping children, teens, and adults with attention issues and ADHD.

Some of our clients are able to function without medication, others use our program in conjunction with medication prescribed by a doctor. Regardless, our goal is to permanently improve the 3 types of attention so that your child can live up to his potential and be the very best version of himself!

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